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RHINO SOUND CONTROL®™ is North America's Highest Rated SoundProof Underlayment

Pre-Approved for High-Rise Condominiums. RHINO Sound Control®™FIIC 70 Acoustic Underlay for Engineered, Laminate and Vinyl.

Are you a new condo owner and thinking about replacing your floor?  If so, you’re not alone. Condo living is becoming increasingly popular across Canada and the US.  However, some unique challenges come with condo living as well, one of them being impact noise transmission. Many factors can lead to unwanted noise in a condo complex: construction sites, party neighbours, noisy visitors – the list goes on. When it comes to reducing impact noise in your condominium, there are several options available. However, one of the most effective and affordable methods is installing RHINO Sound Control®™ FIIC 70 acoustic floor underlay under your engineered hardwood, laminate or luxury vinyl plank flooring.

Here is everything you need to know about RHINO Sound Control®™ FIIC 70 Acoustical Underlayment in Condos.

RHINO Sound Control®™ FIIC 70 soundproof floor underlayment is a high-quality energy-absorbing recycled soundproof rubber underlay that is placed under your finished floor. Independently field tested in Canada, it is used to reduce impact noise transmission in your condo and is ideal for new construction or existing condos due to its easy installation and affordability.

One way to understand the purpose of underlay is to think of it as a soundproof barrier between your floor and your neighbour below or above you. This is needed so that the noise from your footsteps, moving furniture or children playing is reduced. RHINO Sound Control®™ acoustic membrane has a variety of applications but is most commonly used in high-rise condominiums with concrete floor and ceiling construction.

The biggest difference between regular underlay found in some stores and RHINO Sound Control®™ FIIC 70 condo acoustic flooring underlay is the acoustic testing process which depicts – Quality!

While regular underlay is almost always tested with a suspended ceiling consisting of 4-6" of sound batt insulation with drywall finishing, RHINO Sound Control®™ FIIC 70 condo acoustic floor underlay is field tested over an 8" concrete slab with NO suspended ceiling and rated FIIC 70.  This is typical construction for most high rise condominiums.

Both acoustic underlay types are made from an energy-absorbing material that are designed to reduce noise. However, the regular underlay should not be used in condos that do not have suspended ceilings as they were not designed or tested for this application.

RHINO Sound Control®™ FIIC 70 soundproof acoustic floor underlay works by reducing the amount of noise transferred through the floor by foot traffic and furniture by 95%. It is placed between the subfloor and the finished floor surface in a condo setting to reduce noise.

When you walk across your floor, your steps create vibrations that travel through the floor. RHINO Sound Control®™ FIIC 70 reduces the amount of impact noise that travels through the floor by absorbing the vibrations created by foot traffic. It also creates a barrier that prevents noise from transferring from one room to another.

RHINO Sound Control®™ FIIC 70 acoustic rubber underlay is a requirement in 4500 high-rise condominiums. Condominium, Strata and HOA boards have created By-Laws and Rules that requires RHINO Sound Control®™ FIIC 70. In these situations, owners and contractors are required to provide a sample, acoustic test report and proof of purchase in the form of an invoice to property management prior to replacing there floor.

If you live in a high-density condo complex, you may notice that there is a lot of noise throughout the day or evening. This type of noise can be very difficult to eliminate, but RHINO Sound Control®™ FIIC 70 rubber acoustic flooring underlayment can help reduce some of it.

RHINO Sound Control®™ FIIC 70 Features


Sold in Full Rolls Only

Roll Size: 225 Sq. Ft per roll (12″ diameter roll of 4'6″ Wide x 50′ Long)

Weight per roll: 75lbs

Installation: Float or Double Glue Down

Approved Floor Coverings: Engineered, Laminate & Vinyl (6mm or thicker)

RHINO FIIC 70 should be used for Engineered, Laminate & Vinyl Floors

RHINO FIIC 56 should be used for ceramic tile or stone hard surfaces

Soundproof Your Floor with RHINO Sound Control®™ FIIC 70 rubber acoustic underlay. Ideal for New Construction, Condos, And More. Easy to Install. Affordable. High Acoustical Ratings - FIIC 70 tested over an 8" Concrete slab with No Suspended Ceiling.


RHINO Sound Control®™ FIIC 70

For Engineered, Laminate
& Vinyl Floors

STOCK NOTICE: Plan ahead! Minimum 4 weeks lead-time required

RHINO Sound Control®™ FIIC 56

For ceramic & natural
stone tile floors

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