RHINO Sound Control®™ FIIC 53 for Tile and Stone Flooring

RHINO Sound Control®™ is an acoustical underlay for engineered wood, laminate and vinyl flooring.

The new Granddaddy of all underlayments is made by RHINO Sound Control®™. Its superior FIIC 53 sound control properties and strength make it ideal for sound control applications in concrete buildings without suspended ceilings.

Unlike other types of flooring, RHINO Sound Control®™ can’t be crushed out. It’s also a timeless material that will last for the lifetime of your building. Although other products like felt, synthetic rubber or Styrofoam may provide some basic sound control, they can also cause problems due to its downstream properties. A good acoustic underlay should be able to endure the effects of the environment.

It’s also important that condo boards, property managers, strata managers, H.O.A. members, individuals and business’s demonstrate due diligence in order to protect its reputation. Doing so can help prevent it from getting into legal trouble but mainly a poor reputation.

Coverage: 1 roll covers 150 sq/ft

Pricing: $262.50 per roll @ $1.75 per sq/ft. Select a coverage amount below to see pricing for your desired coverage.

Orders of more than 5 rolls: If you wish to order more than 5 rolls, please click here to request a custom order.


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RHINO Sound Control®™ FIIC 53 for Tile and Stone Flooring
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