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Let’s Talk Vinyl Flooring Acoustic Underlayment

When it comes to selecting an appropriate underlay for vinyl flooring, there are various elements to think about, including the type of buildup that would be most suitable for the job, the cost, and the atmosphere. One of the most essential factors to take into account is the efficacy of the buildup.  RHINO Sound Control ®™ can provide property owners and contractors with assistance in this regard.

Although vinyl flooring does not necessitate the installation of an underlayment, it may be mandated depending on the acoustics of the building. Every structure has its own sound performance requirements for walls and floors, and if the building entails a specific implementation of a wide range, then an underlayment is needed to enhance the sound quality.

Most often vinyl flooring products are tested with a suspended ceiling assembly consisting of sound batt insulation and drywall.  Most high-rise condos do not have suspended ceilings.

One of the main motives why an underlayment is recommended for vinyl flooring is because it is thin, which allows impact sound to pass through the floor and ceiling assembly easily.  Placing a layer of RHINO Sound Control ®™ beneath the the vinyl flooring will help minimize the sound transfer to the neighbouring unit below in condominiums.

There is no definite size for the underlayment of vinyl flooring, but the level of thickness should be in accordance with the amount of traffic the surface area is anticipated to have. It is essential to take into account the material when when making your selection.

The most sound absorbing material is rubber, which is more resistant to indentation, fracture and offers the best absorption and deflection properties in the industry.

It can be difficult to decide on the right kind of underlayment for vinyl flooring. There are multiple elements to consider, like the kind of construction that would be most suitable, the budget, and the conditions. One of the fundamental factors that should be taken into account is the effectiveness of the product.  With RHINO Sound Control, individuals can be confident more than 100,000 square feet of vinyl flooring has been installed in the past 10 years.

RHINO Sound Control ®™ also has a video that indicate vinyl flooring installed over RHINO Sound Control ®™ with great success when installed professionally.

Choosing the Right Acoustic Underlayment in a Condo Matters

RHINO Sound Control ® achieved a test score of FIIC 70 when field tested over an 8" concrete floor and ceiling assembly with NO added suspended ceiling.

RHINO Sound Control ® exceeds the recommended Building Code of IIC 55.

A Message from a Levi's Flooring

As a professional flooring installer and refinisher of 15 years I have had the opportunity to work with our industries top brands.

RHINO Sound Control FIIC 70 stands above all acoustic underlayment’s in their field.  Installing RHINO ensures I meet my clients condo acoustic requirement.  This includes installing 5mm-8mm vinyl floors with a 1.5mm foam or rubber backing, engineered and laminate flooring on several projects.

There has been much deliberation about installing vinyl flooring over RHINO.  Ensure the subfloor is flat and the products click system is decent quality and there will be no issue.  I know this because I have been successful on every project when I’ve installed 5 or 6mm vinyl flooring over RHINO Sound Control.

Great product, well priced, easy to get a hold of and will easily recommend it to my next customer.

Levi's Flooring

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